Off To An Amazing Start

Moishy lands in JFK Airport and is whisked away in a waiting luxury sprinter to the East 34th Street Heliport. He boards a private helicopter and as they fly over the Statue of Liberty, Moishy is serenaded by celebrity singers Benny Freidman and Avi Marcus, along with Mendy Hershkowitz of the Sababa Band on keyboard.  


Tefillin Wrapping

After an exhilarating ride, the helicopter lands at a private estate. Moishy is escorted to a horse drawn carriage and arrives in pomp and style to his exclusive Bar Mitzvah event. The festivities kick off with a special Tefillin wrapping ceremony as Moishy puts tefillin on Jewish Navy Seal, Jeff Williams; his first time since his Bar Mitzvah. The events are further enhanced and uplifted by famous singers Benny Friedman, Avi Markus, Shmuly Unger, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yoily Lebowitz, Cantor Zvi Lieder and child soloist Yanky Green.


Mitzvahs of the Day

As a boy on the cusp of manhood, Moishy dips in the Mikvah, before wrapping tefillin for the very first time at the Ohel of the Rebbe.  He then writes a letter in the brand-new Torah scroll, commissioned by the Chabad house of Cobb County, Georgia. Upscale breakfast is served.


A Meaningful Moment at the Mall

The meaningful moments continue with Moishy traveling to the brand-new American Dream Mall in Secaucus, New Jersey.  CEO Don Ghermazian, looks on as Moishy hangs the Mezuzah to mark the completion of this incredible Jewish entertainment destination.  The Mezuzah will stand as constant reminder and merit of his beloved parents, OBM.


A Time for Prayer

The next morning, the entourage heads into the city to visit Lubavitch headquarters.   At the famous 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, Moishy davens shacharis in the Rebbi’s room and then in a poignant moment, visits Yeshiva Ohel Torah and sits in the classroom his father once sat in as a child. 


Take to the Sea

The excitement continues as everyone boards a yacht for a sail down the Hudson River to the accompaniment of the famous Shira Choir.  The fun does not end there! Once docked at the Marina, the incredible Dudi Knopfler makes a surprise singing appearance. An ice cream truck is waiting and everyone enjoys a delectable treat.  This marks the end of the US portion of the festivities as the entourage travels back to Israel.


A Somber Visit to Har Hazeisim

Amidst all the festivities, a somber visit has everyone reflecting on the loss Moishy has endured.  No child should ever have to visit his parents at their gravesite. In a truly heartrending moment, Moishy invites the souls of his parents to attend his Bar Mitzvah.



Epic Kfar Chabad Celebration


The celebration continues in Kfar Chabad with a larger-than-life event.  The A-list entertainment keeps the party rocking. Moishy enters to the heartfelt singing of Avrohom Fried.  Simcha Freidman, Zanvil Weinberger, Ahrele Samet, Yishai Ribo, Motti Steinmetz, Srulik Adler, Cantor Leider, Dudi Knopfler and Dudi Kalish bring the house down with their top-notch performances.  The joy and excitement rev up the crowd.



World Leaders Weigh In

Nothing says VIP like personal congratulations from world leaders.  Moishy receives well-deserved recognition and congratulations from United States President, Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Prime Minister of India, Minister Modi.


A Time-honored Tradition

For thousands of years, Jews have purified in the mikvah.  Moishy partakes in this time-honored tradition as a bar mitzvah, dipping in a mikvah in the Old City of Jerusalem.  He is escorted by Avraham Fried and the Neshoma Choir.

The Holiest Place on Earth

What better place to mark the transition to manhood than at the Kotel?!  Moishy is joined by family, friends and Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rav Hakotel, as he reads from the Torah for the very first time.  Enhancing this moment are singers Avraham Fried, Moshe Weintraub, Yanky Daskal and Pinny Einhorn. In a VIP location overlooking the Kotel, Moishy wraps tefillin on Israeli Navy Seal Eyal Siso of the legendary Shayetet 13 division, former Israeli consul to India.


BBQ With a Bang

Thick, juicy steaks and premium barbecue fare mix with the picturesque farm setting and friendly farm animals for an unforgettable evening of fun, family and fireworks. Flashy fireworks light up the Israeli sky at an intimate, family-only American style BBQ dinner.


The Ultimate Surprise Ending

The final leg of Moishy’s epic Bar Mitzvah starts with a gripping Airforce One Experience. Then its on to a top-secret, surprise event at MetLife Stadium, together with a group of orphans from Israel. The arena is all theirs and after a rousing welcome from superpower Rabbi YY Jacobson, Moishy wraps tefillin on Navy Seal Adam Weiner and makes a siyum for the very first time as a bar mitzvah.  Excitement is literally in the air as Lipa Shmeltzer makes an appearance – in a helicopter hovering above the stadium! An extravagant, all-in breakfast buffet is elevated by entertainers Beri Webber, Shea Berko and Levy Falkowitz.